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    Celebrating Christ-centered marriages.
    “With Christ at the center of your marriage,
    there are bound to be more kisses and hugs!”


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Why Covenant Wedding Rings?

Covenant Wedding Rings™ are perfect for those who wish to celebrate Christ as the center of their relationship, and need a safe alternative to a traditional metal wedding ring. Covenant Wedding Rings are made from FDA-approved, bio-compatible silicone. They are SAFE for all electricians, linemen, soldiers, firefighters, police and law enforcement, mechanics, athletes, CrossFitters, triathletes, cowboys and ranchers, miners, pregnant women, diabetics, people with metal allergies, anyone with finger-swelling issues, and anyone who engages in an activity where a metal wedding band might be a safety risk to the finger. Jimmy Fallon, host of the “Tonight Show” had a very serious finger injury (de-gloving, ring avulsion: finger stripped of its skin, muscle and soft tissue) when he lost his balance and got his metal wedding ring caught on a countertop in his house.



"Luxurious Fit" Design™
Supple Feel
Silicone made
Smooth surfaces
Extremely light
Elastomeric to 300%


FDA Approved
Elastomeric and Breakable
Chemical Resistant
Temperature Range -80F to 450F


To Encourage, Enrich, and Bless your marriage.
To keep your finger SAFE while still wearing a wedding ring.

Matthew 19:4-5 -- Ephesians 5:35 -- Ephesians 5:22

Safe Rings for Christians

From Our Family To Yours

We are very happy to be able to provide an inexpensive, comfortable, and SAFE alternative to the traditional metal ring of the covenant you have made with your spouse. After 20+ years of marriage, the single most important factor we have discovered to ensure success and happiness in the family is to keep Christ at the center. Whenever we pursue selfish desires or stray from the loving instruction of God's Word our marriage has always tended to suffer in some way. Covenant Wedding Rings are a reminder to help us keep Christ in the center of the relationship. With Christ at the center , there are bound to be kisses X's and hugs O's!
Genesis 2:24 -- Matthew 19:4-5 -- Ephesians 5:22, 35


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